Protect Kids and Teens from Internet Harm

One of the first things that all kids do is go online once they come home from school. However, the reality is that many parents simply do not know what their kids are doing online. They often shut themselves up in their rooms and lock the door in order to use their computers in privacy. While a certain degree of privacy should be granted, you must be aware that sometimes kids close the door so that you do not know what goes on. When it comes to internet safety, you must foster open communication while laying down some key ground rules.

Many parents choose to establish a time limit for internet usage. They require kids to only use the internet through pre-determined times in order to help them monitor their actions better. Studies show that most teenagers get into more trouble online during the night hours. This is a time when parent supervision becomes minimal, especially after the parents have come home from a long day of work. if your child uses the internet before it is time to go to bed, ask that they leave the door to their bedroom open so that you can pop in and say hi. Kids are less likely to get into trouble if their parents are around.

Another key element to internet safety is guidance. Most kids and teens have no idea that the content that they post is available forever. This means it can be accessed many years down the line, and this includes instant messages and e-mails. You can cite the importance of this fact by bringing up court cases in which evidence is pulled from e-mail records to convict a defendant. Stress that any information that they post can be used in a court of law.