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When it comes to safety, you must take steps to safe guard yourself from sexual, financial or other types of exploitation. Knowledge is the key to being successful in these endeavors, so you must seek useful information in order to become well-informed, and to allow yourself to surf the internet in peace.

  • Protection

    One of the first things that all kids do is go online once they come home from school. However, the reality is that many parents simply do not know what their kids are doing online. They often shut themselves up in their rooms and lock the door in order to use their computers in privacy. read more

  • For Parents

    There are many resources for parents to choose from when it comes to protecting children from online dangers. They are found through blogs, schools, help centers and advocacy group postings. Quality online resources not only express the hidden dangers of online use. read more

  • Tips

    You can never be too careful when it comes to internet safety and your children. The biggest mistake that parents make is allowing their kids to have online access without establishing set rules, or without stressing the dangers associated with going online. When kids have free reign. read more