Is a Locksmith a Good Career?

Is being a locksmith a good job?

When looking for a new career, is a locksmith a good choice? If you’re considering a career within the locksmithing industry, research is the most important tool you have. As with any job there are pros and cons, you just need to decide whether one side outweighs the other.

We’ve listed a few advantages and disadvantages of this career choice, but it is not an extensive list so it is best to do your own research too.


  • Stable and steady stream of jobs
  • Widely respected
  • Variety between tasks
  • Opportunity for continuous learning


  • Limited progression
  • Costs of vehicle and fuel between jobs
  • Can be stressful at times
  • Can be stressful at times

After weighing the different aspects of the role and coming to the conclusion a locksmith is the role for you, you first need to consider a few other variables before jumping into your new career.

Choosing your own business or a big locksmith company

As a locksmith, you can either go down the self-employment route or join a company. Both are good ideas but come with their own challenges.


Many individuals choose this option as the thought of setting their own hours and making their own money is very attractive. They are able to take on a variety of jobs such as working alongside insurance companies to repair locks after break ins or their local estate agent.

This option will also allow you to set your own pricing too and control what you earn too.

However, a difficulty with this route is the advertising. You need to be prepared to market yourself well otherwise you won’t have any customers. Word of mouth is perhaps the easiest way to do this so always look to offer your customers the best service and experience possible.


Alternatively, working within a larger company can give you the stability you may desire. Most of the time, you will have regular hours that you can plan the rest of your life around and paid holiday leave.

As well as this, many companies offer ongoing training that will help you keep up to date with latest industry standards and new tools.

Career progression as a locksmith

Once you have the necessary skills, you’re a locksmith. This is where you could stay for the rest of your career as there aren’t many ‘Head Locksmith’ or ‘Locksmith Manager’.

However, whilst your job title may not change much during your years of experience, your knowledge definitely will. You won’t stagnate in the abilities you gain as the world is ever-changing and there will always be opportunities to gain more skills.

If you decide to work with a company, you may have the opportunity to lead a team of other locksmiths and become a manager or team leader later in your career.

We’ve listed a lack of career progression under disadvantages but not everyone will see it this way. Some may enjoy the fact that you can quickly get to the top of your game and focus on being the best locksmith possible.

Hours locksmiths work

As many of their jobs are on an emergency basis, locksmiths often work unsociable hours such as during the night, on weekends and during bank holidays. You don’t know when a call could come in so it’s best to be prepared to take off at a moment’s notice.

The government-run National Careers Service details the typical working hours as 42 to 44 a week but this can change depending on whether you run your own company or are employed.